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Our EV Charging Solutions

Our comprehensive range of EV charging solutions is the perfect choice to any home or business use case, compatible with all kind of hybrid or electric cars. With smart user interaction, safe power management and total flexibility.

MDO Pro Product 1 - Carregadores para Veículos Elétricos - Mdobility
Ícone - Mais Económico - Carregamento de Veículos Elétricos - Mdobility


By changing to a clean energy vehicle you can save up to 80% of the cost than with fossil fuel mobility.

Ícone - Ecológico - Carregamento de Veículos Elétricos - Mdobility


Carbon free car chargers 99% recyclable, designed for lower environmental impact with long lasting components that ensure longer operation lifetime.

Low Maintenance

Low maintenance costs, enabled by easy access to connectors to reduce the complexity of fieldwork.

Ícone - Totalmente Customizável - Carregamento de Veículos Elétricos - Mdobility


Customization of the charger configuration based on use scenario to optimise cost/performance ratio.


Safe integration on almost any existing infrastructure or location without costly upgrades.

Ícone - Inteligência Artificial - Carregamento de Veículos Elétricos - Mdobility


The charging profiles with AI simplify use and offer more autonomous operation for better user experience. 

Good design is as little design as possible*

Less, but better – because it concentrates on the essential aspects,
and the products are not burdened with non-essentials.

Back to purity, back to simplicity.

*Dieter Rams, German Industrial Designer

Tailor-made Solutions
for Your Business

MDOBILITY business solutions are designed to help EV charging operators maintain networks of any size or segment in any location, even with limited power supply.
Smart clustering and power management capabilities along with lower infrastructure maintenance costs allows us to help you bring your business model to life.

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