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Public Charging Solution

MDO Duo Product - Carregadores para Veículos Elétricos - Mdobility

The perfect choice
for public charging

INCH DUO is the ideal EV charger for continuous operation in demanding public locations with its ergonomic design and material durability.

Comes with a large display, clear charging instructions and standard payment feature, and also offers optional integration with external sensor devices like parking sensors that help improve infrastructure accessibility and optimise usage patterns.

Contactless payment module allows ready-to-use feature without registration, enhancing user experience. In a cluster of chargers, the master station can serve as a payment terminal for the whole group, reducing even more maintenance costs of charging infrastructure.

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Technical Specifications

Maximum Charging Power

2 x 22 kW (3 x 32 A per connector) adjustable

Charging Socket Type

Type 2 Socket with cable lock

Charging Cable Type

Charging Cable Type 2

Protection Level

IP 54, IK 10

Differential Protection

RCD Type A + DC fault current sensor 6 mA, default option or RCD Type B or MCB char. C, 40 A

User Identification

PIN Code, RFID, App, SMS*

Direct Payment

Yes, with NFC payment terminal


Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 4G LTE

EV Communication

IEC 61851 (supported), IEC 15118 ready


OCPP 1.6 SOAP & JSON, OCCP 2.0 JSON (upcoming), Modbus TCP

Power Management

Yes, static load balancing between sockets, dynamic load balancing with Load Guard


Yes, with floating Master

Power Consumption Meter

Class 1 MID energy meter

Smart Integration

Yes, Modbus TCP supported

User Interface

App or embedded web interface

Colour options

White and black, or grey and black

Casing Material

Stainless steel with anti-corrosion protection and polycarbonate display cover

Grow your business


Its small footprint makes installation easier on sites with limited space. And being build in stainless steel ensures outstanding durability in all weather conditions.

With its distinct shape INCH DUO surface also allows branding and customization, to make sure your charging network stands out and adds more value to your business.

Solu√ß√£o de Carregamento P√ļblico ÔĽŅ- Inch Duo Cluster - Mdobility