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Parking and Charging Solution


Soluções para Micromobilidade - Solum - Mdobility

Take advantage of sustainable mobility

Helios is a parking and charging solution for personal mobility vehicles like scooters and bikes.

Also, Helios is a 100% sustainable solution thanks to our Arena solar flooring which produces its own energy.

Availability from 8 to 16 vehicles!

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Made up of parking modules that offer a capacity of between 8 and 16 spaces.


The pavement can be walked on and is barely noticeable for pedestrians, so we achieve a minimal urban footprint.

Ícone - Ecológico - Carregamento de Veículos Elétricos - Mdobility


The location of our autonomous solution can be changed quite simply, a rare feature for urban infrastructure.

Plug & Play

It offers a very fast and simple one-day installation process, without altering the location or replacing the pavement.


The energy points can be installed easily anywhere in the city.

Easy to clean

Clean with a hose or with pressurised water; it can be swept and washed like any floor. No need for special maintenance.

Technical Specifications

Vehicle capacity

8 – 16


3097×2916 mm
3097×4216 mm
3097×5516 mm

Connectors compatibility

Xiaomi, Segway, SEAT, Pure Electric, Cecotec, etc. (Consult us for other brands)

Operating temperature

-20 to 60 °C

Smart padlock resistance

>300 kg

Installed Power

900 W
1080 W
1260 W

Charging power

72 W

Burden voltage

42 V

Charging current

2 A


LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate)


4G / Wifi

User identification

Solum App and miSolum website

Communication with third parties

API available

Info about charger status

Solum App and miSolum website


No outdoor areas? No problem!

With Helios G indoor charging station for light electric vehicles your charging area can be connected to the electric grid, allowing the organized parking of this type of vehicle in public and private indoor areas.

Designed and developed with proprietary and patented technology by SOLUM.
Distributed in Portugal by MDOBILITY.