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A Smart Sensor

Measures the power and sends real-time data to the EV Charger

Sensor Inteligente Load Guard 1 - Mdobility

LOAD GUARD is a sensor installed in the building‘s electric cabinet to measure and monitor the electrical currents and to send real-time data to the charging station. It is especially useful in situations where there isn’t a dedicated power supply but EV chargers rather share available power with other consumers in the building, preventing installation overloads.

INCH charging stations respond to received data by reducing the charging power to keep a total load of the installation below the installation rated value, or by increasing it to utilise the remaining available power for faster charging.
By shifting charging times to lower household consumption periods, EV chargers reduce the charging cost.

LOAD GUARD allows you to charge directly from your Photovoltaics. No additional integrations needed.

Download technical datasheet

Technical Specifications


9,1 x 5,4 x 6,2 cm or 3 DIN rail slots

Clamp Cable Length

70 cm

Clamp Diameter

Small: 16 mm, Large: 24 mm


1-phase or 3-phase

Max Rated Current




Configuration and Monitoring

Charger web interface